So what is this and why is it necessary?


In this digital age photographers now have more tools than ever before. We also take more images at a wedding than we ever did in the days of film – typically up to two thousand. These need to be sorted, checked for focus, exposure, composition, subjects with eyes closed or even the odd embarrassing frame that captured a frown that no one will like.


We take the time to go through everything and present you with the best. Let’s face it, do you really want to go through a couple of thousand images yourself? A trained eye will quickly and efficiently find the best images.


But we don’t stop there. We colour and exposure balance every image. Cameras don’t expose the way our eyes see things so we adjust our best images to look more like we see and remember things. Darkening sky, lifting details from dark clothing. Occasionally we will reshape a bulge, smooth skin imperfections or apply special effects filters to enhance a particular image.


The photographs you see in your final album are the result of a lot of work behind the scenes, not to mention years of experience that goes into the crafting of these images.


We do it because we want you to have the very best images possible. Because you get just one chance to create these wonderful memories, but your photographs will last forever.

After retouching
Before retouching

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